Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well, after a long, long, long, long, long, long drive (did I tell you it was long?) we finally reached the place called Savannah. I happily jumped out of the car and the first thing that I saw was that thing called Cinnabun that everyone has been talking about.

OK, he's cute, I guess. Kind of little. I've never really understood little dogs and what they're all about. Cinnabun didn't seem very excited to see me. In fact, I think he was a little put out. But, he didn't give me too many problems and he has a toy box to drool over. It was great! I just helped myself anytime I wanted and pretty soon Coco's house (that's Cinnabun's owner and I think Kris may be her pup) was filled with big stuffed animals and soon it felt almost like home. Coco even gave me some of the toys to bring back with me and I love, love, love them!

I know it looks like he's whispering kind things to me, but he's really saying "Go home! Go home now and nobody gets hurt!" (sigh)
So, even though Cinnabun and I aren't exactly BFF's we can peacefully coincide and I hear that he may come visit me next month. I hope he doesn't want his toys back.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Road Trip!

Yes, I know. The bag has a "K" on it. It's a hand-me-down.
My bag is packed and I'm ready to go!

Kris has been telling me for some time about this place we're going to visit. It's called Savannah. I'm really not sure I understand everything she's been telling me about it, but this much I know: there'll be cinnabuns, cocoa, alligators and Reese's Pieces!

I can't wait!!!!

(She's also promised me jerky for the ride. She says it will be looooonnngggg!!!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night I slept in the living room, watching the front door all night, waiting for Kris to come home. I didn't understand that she was visiting friends. :/ When she finally got home later today she was full of stories about Sammy.

Sammy, as it would happen, is a 10-year-old Chessie (Chesapeake Bay Retriever to you lay people out there) and lives with Kris's friend, Judy. Kris says that she's known Sammy since he was just a little puppy. Even though he's 10 years old, she says he still has a lot of puppy energy.

Sammy loves his pink rubber ball. He's very good at keeping his eye on the ball. 

And keeping his eye on the ball.

And keeping his eye on the ball.

He's also great for rescuing it from all sorts of treacherous situations... such as Judy's garden! 
Who knows what could have happened to that ball if it had been left there for very long?!?

Sammy also has a whole menagerie of great friends, and like me, he's a skilled surgeon. His specialty is eye surgery. He's obviously had a lot of practice. He's also pretty good at liposuction, too, as evidenced by some of his skinnier, flatter, friends.

This is Cubby; recovering eye surgery patient.

Lion. He was late arriving and didn't make it in time for the group shot. I think his surgery wounds may have been hurting him.

Kermit; also recovering from eye surgery. (And a little lipo.)
Clifford The Big Red Dog. (Some actors just don't look the same when they're not on TV.)
Monkey (Well, maybe in a previous life time.)
Patrick (Don't ask.)
Bunny (OK, Sammy. I think you may have gone a little overboard on the lipo here, Bud.)
But it's obvious that Sammy loves his friends and they love him. I hope I get to meet Sammy in the flesh some day!

Woof, Sammy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Adventure!

At long last I finally got to go for a ride in the boat that lives in our back yard. I have long wondered about this thing and I see it leave and come back all the time on the weekends. But I've been told that there isn't room for me when there's crabbing to be done. So, I've just waited patiently and today I got to go for my ride.  It was soooo much fun!

Just relaxing in the sun.

Noisy osprey didn't like us invading "her" space. Whatever!

This McMansion caught Kris's eye.
Now that's what I'm talking about!
I'm King of the World!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Girls Next Door

From left to right: Bella, Cacee & ME!, Emmett
It's about time I told you all about my next door neighbors. You've seen some glimpses of them on the beach with me, but here are some up close and personal photos taken while we were playing in my backyard this evening. There's a gate in the fence between our houses and sometimes it's left open so we can run back and forth in both yards. We have lots of fun. Cacee Cooper and Bella are Australian shepherds. Right now they are sporting their summer haircuts. And old lady, Maddie, likes to hang out and sometimes boss us around. We all have a great time together.
Cacee Cooper pretty much always has a tennis ball in her mouth. She's great at catching it on the fly!
Bella doesn't really care about the ball. She just likes to chase Cacee chasing the ball. Bella is more of a cuddler.
Old Lady Maddie. She likes to think she rules the roost, but really no one pays attention to her. :(
Maddie is giving Cacee "what for", but I really don't know what for!
Who's ready to catch the ball?
Uh, oh. The girls are about to get into it and I know it's better to keep my distance.
Cat fight! (So to speak.) Better to get away.
Aww! They've resolved their issues. (They always do!)
Cacee crawls up into Kris's lap to make sure the ball is returned safely.
And it just wouldn't be my blog if I didn't include a couple shots of my handsome mug.
Bye! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Romp

 You know I never get tired of chasing my tennis ball on the beach!

That's me swimming out after the ball!  
Here I am bringing the ball back. You know, it never gets boring!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011